• Verushka Rajagopaul

Career Growth in a time of Isolation and Lockdown

We live in scary times. When a virus can shut down the human race from doing what we do naturally.

We think we are in a situation where it is impossible to survive, and we fear for the future of our careers and income. But did you know, that some of the greatest companies around today have stood the test of time and gotten through quite intense ordeals.

Which, I take to mean, is a sign that something can be done about it. But for your career growth, that something must be done by you and not someone else.

During isolation, these 2 steps that you can take to improve on yourself.

  1. Really clarifying the value you add to the role you are in and your future roles

  2. Working out and then taking action on improving your skills so that you are able to consistently deliver that value

Clarifying your value

In my years of consulting and coaching, it is often observed that people believe the job description and what their managers tell them to do is what they need to do, and only that. There is no real understanding of what their real purpose is, and how they can ensure they are truly valuable to an organisation.

There is fondness in saying people are just another cog in the machine, and they can be dispensed with. But, if you truly know the value you can add, and if you deliver, you are no longer as disposable as you thought you were.

Therefore, the first step is really working out how it is that you are or can be valuable in your role and to your organisation.

Prepare yourself for your career growth

Making yourself more valuable

An individual is as valuable as they can deliver what they are expected to deliver. If everyone does so, then that person has to deliver above expectations.

In India, where the IT industry is over populated with people trying to find a job, it is the person who truly knows their skill inside-out, who is confident and competent, that will more than likely get the job.

And then, it is the person who keeps investing in himself to DO that job and do it well, that will keep that job.

Therefore, the sustainability of yourself as an employable person, who can help their organisation still make it through this year, is one that can truly be competent and deliver value.

Perhaps you need to learn how to use Excel better, type faster with less mistakes, improve how you plan your day. Whatever it is, make yourself more valuable.

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