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Want Not, Have Not ... what it takes to achieve your goals

From generation to generation, people are working hard and expending time and money to ensure their progeny have a better life ahead of them than they did. They may not have had a bad life, in fact, their lives may have been amazing; but there is always the perceived need to have their children have more than they did.

This includes setting the dreams for their kids. As an Indian woman, I clearly observed my society pushing kids to get good marks and follow set career paths such as that of a doctor or a chartered accountant. My family (including aunts and grandparents) definitely pushed good marks, but thankfully (by some miracle of my parents being who they are) I was free to choose my own career path.

But at the same time as seeing these generations want more and more for their children, I have seen them teaching this old falsehood that money is evil. Yet, they keep working hard to earn money, spending less time with family and friends, so they can send their children to better schools and give them a ‘better’ life.

In this all, money has gotten a much disliked name by a large majority of the population, which probably started many generations back when someone could not get money, and because of that he kept pushing it down the family lines that money was evil. Perhaps his failures encouraged those who were not working hard to cover up their lack of production with ‘money is evil’. It has in some way become an excuse to not be a productive member of society and to live off of others.

My observed viewpoint is that money is NOT evil. Money provides billions of workers with means to have food to eat, a place of shelter and other basic amenities.* Money is just a commodity, like gold or diamonds, which is used to trade with others to compensate them for the service or product they provide to you; its a means to an end. But commodities, like drugs and alcohol, can become obsessed upon, leading to one falling down the wrong path, and this is where money gets wrongly labelled.

What this incorrect labelling of money as ‘evil’ has done is stop a large percentage of mankind from being productive in the direction of their goals, as very often, goals need money to be able to take action and accomplish them. It takes money to build schools or pay people to build your home or go on a holiday and experience new places. By labelling this input in the production line as evil, people have found themselves at loggerheads between wanting to have lots of money so they can achieve their goals, and keeping to the mantra that money is evil.

Happiness is only achieved if one is producing and achieving on their goals. You can observe this by someone at work or at school getting their big project completed, and being extremely proud and happy that they could achieve this. These goals in life help one to reach for greater and greater heights, which allows that first dream of a better and better life for your progeny to be realised. But these goals are supported by many factors, of which money is one of the more important ones.

I write this not because I want you to love and become obsessed with money, but because this viewpoint on money being evil, or those that are rich are evil, is self-limiting to the extent that it stops you from fully realising your goals.

If your goals in life allow yourself and others to survive better, and if they are not evil or promote life to be less good such as to see people drugged up, then it is your duty to be able to have and use effectively all the factors that will enable you to realise your goals. The more you push away money (want not), the less potential you have to have what you really want (have not)

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